Saturday, 20 July 2013

Wood Fired Pizza Truck

Today is the beginning of our summer holidays, we wanted to begin to slow down and enjoy the slowness of small town living again. So we decided to stay local and enjoy our morning at the playground, library, and local farmers market.

Near our parking spot we noticed this pizza truck with an oven on a trailer and in my inner foodie became inspired. I told my husband that we need to check this out. Could it be real wood fired pizza right here in our small town?? I love our local pizza shop but this is REAL PIZZA. I will be the first to admit that I some very particular preferences.  For me, great pizza needs to have a thin, crispy crust, tender in the center, with naked, crushed tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, and fresh basil leaves. It was a little too early for lunch just yet so I had to wait. {Insert sad face here}.

So while my husband and son played at the playground, I did some shopping. We signed out some books at the library and then if was finally time to eat lunch. {Yeah! Insert happy dance here}.

For a while now, food trucks have been all the craze. Some great places to check out these food trucks on TV shows and apps. You usually see them mostly in large urban areas so to see one {other than a fries truck } in an area with a population of 16, 000 is rare.  The name of this pizza truck that I just had to check out is the Vintage Pizza Pie Co. 

We ordered the classic Margarita Pizza and it was AMAZING!!! There are other kinds of pizza you can order but Margarita is my favourite. It is a good test to how well the pizza is made and the quality of the ingredients.

We all loved the pizza and the crew at Vintage Pizza Pie Co. did an incredible job! You really have to eat here!!!

Vintage Pizza Pie Co. Wood Fired Pizza Truck drew a crowd to check out the new restaurant on wheels.

This oven cooks the pizza at 800 degrees in about 60-90 seconds. Another lady was interested in the cool wood fired oven too.

Can't keep the little hands away. He was so excited to try this pizza.


  1. Hi Susan!
    Isabelle from Vintage Pizza Pie Co.
    Just wanted to thank you for the great comments you posted! You've inspired me to add a "comments" page to our website :-)Come back anytime, we'd love to make you another pizza soon!
    Thanks again,
    Iz and Rich.

    1. Hi Isabelle,
      You're welcome! I was so excited to share the news about your amazing pizza. See you soon!


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