Monday, 29 July 2013

Birthday Party Reveal

Currently, I am on holidays. We are having a great but boy does it throw you off your regular schedule. I apologize for posting this entry a little bit late.

As promised, I am sharing some pictures from my experience hosting my first kids birthday party.
We had such a great day for a birthday party outdoors and everyone had a great time.

The party was inspired by the Cars movie. I used some decorations that had the Cars characters on it and made some food {e.g. white walled tires aka powdered sugar doughnuts dipped in chocolate. dip sticks aka chocolate dipped pretzel rods}.
Happy Birthday Banner that greeted every one when they came in. 
Cars Banner I bought on Etsy at SerendipityPlanning , printed at home and assembled. 
A game of  good old Pin The Tail On The Donkey. 

The Snack Zone
Interesting Fact:
 Some kids have no idea what Pin the Tail on the Donkey is. I was informed that it has been replaced with games such as Put the Crown on the Princess and Put the 95 on Lightening McQueen. Boy, did I feel old and out of the loop but it was fun to show them the games that I played at birthday parties.

Tips & Lessons Learned: 

Tip #1 - Have a drink station set up with cuts you can write on with marker. Every one put their names on their cups so we know whose cup is whose.
      Lesson Learned - Works for older kids but no so much for those kids that can not read yet.

Tip #2 - Put all the drinks in a cooler that way no one  is running back and forth to the fridge. 

Tip #3 - Buy decorations from Etsy. There are some really cool & different designs on there that you can                    have sent to you by mail or an electronic file in an email you can print yourself.
      Lesson Learned - Next time I would have it printed at a professional print shop instead of on my                                               home printer. The colour would have been much more saturated and truer at the                                           printers. 

The party was a success. Can't wait to get started planning next years!

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