Friday, 5 July 2013

Don't Cry Over Spilled Water

This week I have a funny {at the time, not funny for me } story to tell you.

The other day we went to that playground for a play date with some friends and decided to go to the local pizza shop for lunch. I was a little apprehensive about eating lunch in a restaurant with so many little ones. The pizzeria wasn't very busy so figured we would give it a shot. It was a normal lunch out with five kids, under age, 5 and three moms. I have learned that waiting with a two year old takes much patience. While we were anticipating the arrival of our lunch, I was trying to keep my son entertained with a glass of ice water and a straw. He thought it is cool to drink like big kids, like most kids do at his age. The children were well behaved just a little wiggly.When our pizza arrived, the table got quiet as everyone started to dig in. {Playing in the park makes you hungry.}
We almost finished without an incident until my son knocked over the glass of ice, cold water on to my shorts. I looked like I had peed my pants...mortified thinking how was I going to walk around downtown with wet shorts. Then suddenly it dawned on me that I could run across the street to the cute clothing store and buy something. So after we paid for our lunch,  I dragged the whole crowd across the street into the store.
Franticly, I searched the racks looking for something to purchase and change into. After looking around the store, the I light came on in my head,  I have been on the fence about buying a maxi dress for a few months so I figured this would be the perfect time to try one on. The reason for my hesitation on buying a maxi dress is that I am only 5'3" high and wasn't sure if it would work. Well, I found two that I liked and headed for the fitting room. I then looked down and realized I was wear running shoes and they won't work with a maxi dress so I found some cute sandals. The first dress I tried on worked like magic. It fit perfectly and was super cute. I didn't even bother to try on any more.
So I got the sales lady to cut the tags off and paid for my new finds. I bundled up my wet clothes and threw them in the stroller along with my sneakers. In a matter of fifteen minutes, I found my maxi dress and some new sandals. Wow I wish every shopping trip went like that! My husband ,on the other hand, would say that he is glad that shopping doesn't always go that way because we would be broke.
Any ways, the lesson learned from this incident is don't cry over spilled water just go shopping!!

Here are my finds.

Dress: Kensie Stripe Maxi Dress
Earrings: Anthropologie (last summer)
Sandals: Billabong Sunny Dayz Sandals

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