Tuesday, 19 February 2013

The Perfect Afternoon continued

As promised, here are my spring picks that I am going to be looking for:

1. Golden Accessories. I was very much inspired by all the gold in the designer ads for spring. On my    shopping list are gold aviators and a chunky gold necklace and bracelet.

2. Floral Blazers - I've seen them from a couple of different companies and I will definitely have my eyes peeled for one of them. Both Loft and Bebe have some great blazers.

3. Chunky Heels - I'm not really a heels kinda person but these shoes have me intrigued. They look both comfortable for a Mom on the go yet stylish and current. Love the ones from J. Crew.

4. New Flats - Tired of  ballet flats being the only flat shoe options out there. I am a sneaker girl at heart but I know they make me look a little frumpy. I really want to check out a moccasin style.

5. Sheer Lip Colour - Looking for something that gives a polished look without being heavy like a lipstick.

Let me know if you have any suggestions.

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