Tuesday, 26 February 2013

DIY Dry Erase Board

               For months now, I searched for a place to put notes (such as meal plans, shopping lists, and phone numbers) in our kitchen so my family could see it on a regular basis and there would be no excuse that they didn`t see it (Well that maybe wishful thinking on my part but that was my goal). It had to fit everything as well as be stylish and organized. After looking every where, I couldn't find anything that was both the right size and look that I wanted so I decided to make my own pretty dry erase board.
              Supply List
Frame - whatever size you would like
Dry Erase Board - cut to fit your frame
Pliers - Only if you are using an old painting like I did. To remove the nails that hold the painting in place.
Hammer - For attaching the dry erase board
Sand Paper
Dust Mask
Latex Paint
Paint Brush 

                 The first step was to find a frame. I thought maybe I could build one out of crown moulding but I couldn't find moulding that was ornate enough at my local building supply store. I didn`t want to compromise and settle for basic trim. Then one day when I was out at a yard sale I found an old ugly painting which was the perfect size. The painting only cost me $10 making it a lot cheaper than if I had to build one out of crown moulding.
Painting I found at a yard sale.
                  I got the dry erase board from my local home building supply store and they were nice enough to cut it to the right size for me for free. I removed the painting from the frame so that the painting became my template for the size of my dry erase board.When removing the frame from the painting, be sure to leave the nails or clips in the back of the frame so you can use them to attach your dry erase board.
                 The next step of this transformation was to sand and paint the frame. I roughed up the finish on the picture with some light sanding. Make sure to wear a dust mask while sanding this project as the dust is very fine and hazardous to inhale.
Frame during the painting process.
*Excuse the colour of the carpet as this is the next room on our reno list. 
               As for what paint colour, I knew I wanted the frame to be the same colour as the dry erase board to have a clean, monochromatic, modern look. In this case, it meant it would be white latex paint­. I had to give it a couple of coats of paint to completely cover all the nooks and crannies and then let it dry for 24 hours.
               The last step is to put the dry erase board into the frame using the same nails that held the painting in place.

Ta Da - DIY Dry Erase Board
                I love how it turned out and we use it everyday. I put our menu for the week in the middle of the board so my husband knows what we are having and can help out. It also keeps us on schedule because next to the days of the week I have our commitments (like a gym class or meetings) and the times that we must leave the house. The only thing I would add is somewhere to keep the markers (look for it in an upcoming post.).  

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