Sunday, 10 November 2013

Design Chaos

Happy Weekend Everyone!

Finally, after a few weeks of shuffling things around so that we can paint and redecorate some of our rooms, I am starting to get things back into their proper place. I am such a "type A" person who needs everything to be neat and tidy and in it's place so my days runs as smoothly as it can with a two year old. Also, have a place for everything means little hands are less likely to find it and I say "less likely" because he just seems to find a way to get things he really wants.

Today list of things to do keeps growing but I am determined to get them done.

First off, where did I put my new pens? I am so excited to use my new colourful pens and haven't yet since  I bought them a couple of weeks ago. With all the chaos I seem to have misplaced them and have spent the last half and hour trying to find them. Err! I hate when that happens.

Next up, paint the dresser for my son's new room. We are up-cycling an old dresser of mine from my university days. Hopefully the dusty rose carpet (from the previous owner I promise) we have to deal won't throw our colour scheme right out the door. What bossy carpet!

Then, I need to email the minutes from a meeting I had.

Lastly, I need to  gather everything we need to pack for our vacation on Friday. By gather everything I mean, pack for our cruise and then pack for my son's visit to his grandparents. My friends are getting married while we are on the cruise so I am also hair stylist and make-up artist for their big day. That means I need to pack all my make up, hair products, flat iron and curling iron as well as all my beach and formal attire. Trying to remember everything gets me feeling a little frazzled and excited for this trip at the same time. I am really looking forward to celebrating with my friends.

 Hopefully, by tomorrow we can start to put my son's room together. Yeah! {Insert happy dance here}

The pictures I promise are coming. So here's a little sneak peak.

N's Big Boy Bedroom - In Progress

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