Friday, 14 June 2013

Trip to Newfoundland: Bonavista & Upper Amherst Cove

The highlight of this trip, besides seeing my mom, family and my best friend which is always a highlight, was going back to the town where my dad grew up and the surrounding towns where I spent most holidays, long weekends, and two weeks every summer. 

First, we (meaning my mom, my son, and myself) went to the town of Bonavista, Newfoundland where we stayed at this beautiful inn called The Harbour Quarters Inn. (Bonavista is a fishing community of approximately 4000 people.) 

Second place we visited was the town, Upper Amherst Cove, Newfoundland, where my dad grew up. Lots of memories in this place. My family spent many holidays and summers there. The population of Upper Amherst Cove is about 35 people. The below picture was taken on our way to supper at the Bonavista Social Club The food there was amazing. I had the most mouth watering moose burger with delectable, homemade potato chips. 

This shot I wanted to show you is more of an artistic shot, where I am looking through a clothes line out towards the ocean. I also wanted to show that the sun does shine in Newfoundland and the weather was beautiful for the majority of my trip. 

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