Thursday, 16 May 2013

DIY Art - Home Sweet Home

So my spring makeover project is our breezeway/porch. The finished project is almost ready for the big reveal but it still needs a few more finishing touches.

I have a very tight budget for this makeover so I had to get creative. One of the ways I found that I could be creative and not spend much money was to create my own artwork. I found some inspiration on Pinterest, where people had made different pieces of art with a neat phrase in a cool font. For this project, I selected to do "Home Sweet Home" as my phrase as it is the entrance to our house that we use every day. The colour scheme is yellow and a soft grey. It didn't turn out exactly as I had invisioned but still really nice.

DIY Art - Home Sweet Home


  1. I took a canvas board from the art store and painted it the yellow.
  2. Traced out letters (any font style) and cut them out of cardstock.
  3. I laid out my letter stencils for the 2 "Home" words. I stuck them down with painters tape. Then painted over the letters in a stripe with the grey paint. {In hindsight, I should have used a light spray adhesive because the letters moved on me so I had to go back and free hand a little with a small artist brush.}
  4. Then for the word "sweet", I freehand wrote it in with the small artist brush.
  5. The background seemed too plain, so I added some polka dots with the tip of the brush in grey. 
  6. To add depth to the piece, I traced the outline of everything with a silver marker (which will shimmer in the light).
  7. Lastly, I attached a wall hanging hook to the back with some hot glue. 

Wall Hanging Hook

Ta Da - The finished product. 

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