Thursday, 23 May 2013

Breezeway Reveal: Organaztion Sneak Peak

So I am working on my breezeway makeover and thought I would share some of my organization solutions that I am using in this room. This room connects my garage with my house so it needs to have lots of storage so it is not interfering with all the foot traffic.

Dilemma #1 : Shoe Storage
I was at a yard sale last weekend and came across these vintage wooden crates from fruit orchards. At first, I wasn't sure what to do with them but when I got home I thought they would be a great place to store our shoes. I stacked the crates and it works awesome. We have lots of places to put our shoes and my bucket of clothes pins and it looks cool.

Shoe Storage - Vintage Wooden Crates 

Dilemma #2 - Toddler Safe Storage
For this storage dilemma, I decided to hang baskets up vertically on the wall to eliminate too much stuff on the floor and to save everything from my toddler constantly dumping things out. I already had the baskets and they weren't working where they were before (in an old bookcase I decide to remove from the room). 

I love how both these storage solutions turned out. Check back for the big Breezeway Reveal. :)

Vertical Storage - Woven Basket

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