Tuesday, 22 April 2014

The Try, Try Again Dessert

Sorry for the delayed post. Last week I got inspired remembering my grandmother who would have been 94 years old last Friday. She was famous for making this Jell-o Cheesecake dessert and up until I was in my teens it was the only thing I knew as cheesecake. I know what you are thinking, I was so deprived but back then I didn't know any different and remember her fondly making this dessert. She was a lady who didn't believe in following recipes but solely in the "feel and look" of the ingredients. Her kitchen always smelled fantastic and the food tasted great.

In memory of my grandmother, I decided I would give it a try even without her "recipe" and directions. The one person who I knew may have an idea of how to make this dessert was my mom so I called her up. My mom knew the basic ingredients but not all the steps and tricks. I say "tricks" because as I found out and you see as you keep reading. I also did some research on the internet. I found a couple of similar recipes so I gathered my ingredients and off I began. I said to myself that it can't be that hard.

The dessert itself is a layered dessert: the bottom is graham cracker crumb crust, the middle is a cream cheese and Dream Whip dessert topping mixture, and the top is flavored Jell-o. Easy right? Well not exactly.

I made my crust just like the other recipes I found on the internet. As it was cooling, I made my Jell-0 and put it in the fridge to cool. I knew that I had to watch the Jell-o because I didn't want it to set up because I needed to pour it onto the top of the dessert. The second last step is to make my cream cheese and Dream Whip layer. I started to assemble my cheesecake dessert and that is where everything went wrong....

I even tried to make the dessert a second time and the same thing happened. I am determined to get it on the third try.

Stayed tuned for the continuation of cheesecake story and for the final recipe.

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