Saturday, 7 December 2013

A Little Bit of Christmas Everywhere

This year I decided I wanted a little bit of Christmas throughout the whole house. I like a little seasonal reminder in a every room but I don't mean I like my house to look like Christmas threw up all over it. Just a little hint, whether it be ode to my Christmas colour palette of the year in the bathroom towels or ornaments in a vase in the kitchen. This year I decided to have a neutral base colours for the tree and one colour for pop. I choose brown and gold for my neutral base colours (but it could easily be white or black) and for my pop of colour purple. The pop colour you can change out each year or every second year and rotate every few years.

My palette for 2013. 

Tree: The majority of the Christmas ornaments are gold and brown then for my pop of colour I have two dozen ornaments in purple. My tree skirt (actually is a faux fur throw) is in the same purple. I also like to play up the texture so the accent colour ornaments are in different textures: some are shiny, some are matte and some are glittery. The reason for doing this is so that it adds dimension to the tree and I love the way the light hits each of the textures differently.  

Back Story on the Type of Tree: We are team real tree. It started about fifteen years ago when my brother and I convenced my mom to get a real tree. We wanted to see what all the real tree hype was about and I haven't been able to go back to a fake tree since. The companies that make artificial are making a good fight though and maybe one day I will go back to an fake tree. We do a real tree because we really like how they look and you can't beat the smell of a real tree. Yes, it's messy but I don't mind because it's only for a few weeks a year. My husband and I have made a tradition out of it where each year we go to a tree farm, pick out our tree and cut it down. It has become a nice family tradition and now that our son is beginning to understand more he is so excited to help daddy cut down a tree.  I don't have any pictures to show you yet because we haven't cut down our tree yet. I will post pictures soon.

Accent Decorations: Purple

Here are some Simple Touches you can add to your house.

1. Glass vase with Ornaments and Pine Cones - a super easy way to add a touch to any room in your house. Just take a glass vase put in some pine cones (The ones in the picture are Home Depot a few years ago. Or you could get them out of your yard or from a park or the woods.) I choose one colour to keep easy and simple. This one is gold.

I wanted to add some height for mine so I found a cake stand that I already owned and put the vase on that. Ta da! I put this simple touch in the corner behind the kitchen sink. Now when I do the dishes I have this little reminder of the season and it makes me smile.

2. Front Door - A Simple Faux Wreath. I made this one a few years ago. I bought the pre made faux greenery wreath and hot glued in so faux berries. Then I made a bow and attached it with some florist wire. You can get all these supplies at a craft store like Michaels.

3. Planter at your Front Door - To make the planter, you can go to a local florist or garden centre and buy the greenery and accents or you can go into your yard and cut some stuff. I used a stone planter I have on my front step all year long that I change it out seasonally. 

For the planter below, I went to a local garden centre for the greenery. I bought magnolia leaves and an assortment of branches: fir, spruce and cedar. The stars and gold glittery balls came from Home Depot. As for my technique, there is no right way to do it I just started sticking things into the existing soil. I make sure the floppy cedar is in the front to drape over the edge of the planter and stuck the taller spruce branches in the back. I filled in the empty spots with the fir and magnolia leaves. I love the colour of the back of the magnolia leaves against all the green. The accent ornaments I added to the front for some sparkle and added texture. 

Like I said before, there is no right way to do this. It's all about placing things, playing with it and having fun.  

4. Currently, I working on painting wooden blocks to look like little presents and the word joy. Stay tuned for pictures.

Let the decorating continue! Have a great weekend!

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