Thursday, 21 March 2013

The Juggling Act of Being a Mom and Blogging

Wow! So I am still working on the balancing act of my toddler and blogging. For the past five days, my son decided that he wasn't going to nap at all during the day. {Crossing my fingers} I think we are back to napping again because he definitely needs it. I am really not sure if it was the switch to daylight savings time or that he just didn't want to stop playing. Oh the learning adventures of being a Mom. LOL.

The process has been challenging since I am not a night owl and blogging after my son goes to bed is not an option. I think my brain turns off after 7pm because I am pretty sure I couldn't even solve 5 plus 5 at that point. Nights may not be my thing but most mornings I have no problem springing out of bed. I say most mornings because some days when you are sick or you have been up several times a night you just don't want to get out of your warm and cozy bed. Since having my son, my husband and I seem to be sick a lot which also interferes with my springiness. As I am writing right now, I have my second sinus infection this year. The pressure in my head feels like it's in a bench vise and every time I bend down I feel my brain slam up against my skull. Not fun but like the saying goes I must carry on. Though I am trying hard to write on a regular basis I have become to realize that some weeks it may be a day or two later than I wanted but I got it done and that's the main thing.

My plan for the next few weeks is to publish some of my from scratch recipes (A hint: Cinnamon Turkey Meatballs is coming soon), my bedroom makeover, and more adventures in Mommy blogging so stay tuned.

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